Emphasiing on the project which required conditions to make a correct response and considering the surrounding environment of the land, SLA created a solution to the needs of customers and the ability on the decision making and designing process of the core position. In consideration of the usage land of status, the project requirements, customer needs, historical and cultural background, professional advice and construction technology of various factors, the final solution express the best combination as much as possible to.

SLA is emphasis on planning and relationships of the landscape, the pursuit of landscape design can express projects where the city center, suburban and exurban environment texture. The process of design is trying to find the significant historical and cultural elements of the land and project content, then exprsss these characteristics with modern needs and processing method of creative expression.

For developers, the tide of globalization has never been brought challenge and opportunity. when more than one billion people migrate to the city environment in which to live and work, the earth's resources must be more efficient .Sustainable development must be given sufficient attention world the process of change, in order to ensure prosperity of material. The postwar development of lessons can be used these new city development process, to ensure that the common prosperity and progress.